Grow your brand in the Chinese market
through native social channels

Local Chinese markets are growing at pace year on year, both here in NZ and internationally. As Chinese consumers become increasingly global, they bring learned expecations around technology choices, user behaviour, trends, content, language, and user experience.

WeChat and Weibo are the social platforms Chinese prefer to use. This is where your brand needs to appear to be part of their conversation.

Develop your Chinese market share of voice by fostering audience growth and engagement. We can offer short term and long term support.

WeChat brand and eCommerce

WeChat brand and eCommerce

Get your brand exposed to the over 900 million active users on the WeChat platform. We'll get you set up with a branded public account and manage your WeChat presence.

Chinese translation wechat

Translate your Campaigns
culturally, not literally

Too often we laugh - or cringe! - at literally translated content. We pride ourselves on having a deep understanding of both the Western and Chinese business and cultural environments.

Armed with knowledge and experience we work with you to create meaningful Chinese content that keeps the spirit of the original creative.

Connect with Chinese consumers

Start connecting with Chinese consumers.
Where they are.

Be a part of the conversation and grow your brand's presence on Chinese social channels.

We'll handle all the heavy lifting.

Our Services

We offer a range of services, from China market strategy
all the way to day-to-day operation of Chinese social media channels.

Get us involved early for a conversation.

  • Social & Service

    From channel creation, to content publication, to customer service and chatbots - we'll get your brand's Chinese social media presence humming.

    Grow a relationship with Chinese consumers, on their terms.

  • Strategy

    China has rapidly become a digitally enabled society. Through WeChat alone, more than 800 million Chinese are interacting with brands digitally.

    We can help you understand how this can apply to your business.

  • ecommerce

    Build out an ecommerce presence within WeChat to create a seamless experience for users to discover and buy your products.

    WeChat authenticion and payment integration are a sure way to make online transactions effortless.

  • Translation

    Armed with a deep understanding of the quirks and charms of both English and Chinese as well as their respective cultures, you can be confident that we'll translate the meaning and not just the words.

    Double entendre free - or not, if that's what you're asking for..

The dangerous duo

Mandarin Digital's founders stay close to the work at all stages to keep deliverables focused, and your brand front of mind.

Berin Hunter

Bilingual - English (native) and Chinese.

More than 14 years UX/Brand/Design/Marketing/Social and Strategy experience.

Passionate about languages and aiding others in growing their understanding and enjoyment from linguistic and cultural variety.

You might even spot him hosting Chinese cultural events like the Auckland Lantern Festival.

Coffee Addict Enthusiast

Yuki Zhong

Bilingual - Chinese (native) and English.

More than 7 years B2C & B2B Market Research, Sales, and Marketing experience.

Finance and Business Information Management background with postgraduate degree in Social Media for Business.

Queen of Chinese Social Media

Some of the company we keep

We value building long-term relationships with our clients, building trust through quality work.

So, let's get your brand speaking Chinese

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